JKC is the dream child of JUSTKASSI.COM

JKC has been inspired by Dublin, its weather, its people, its architecture.

The Symbols on every T-Shirt have a deeper meaning and talk to your emotions.

These are the first three limited edition handmade

T-Shirts of the JKC by JustKassi brand

– The Circle – 

Everlasting: The Perpetual circled motion

The Circle

The everlasting circle, symbolising the never-ending effort and desire to achieve our dreams and goals without giving up.


The perpetual circle mimics the rhythm of the universe and nature making our lives move forward. 


I created this piece of clothing to remind you that everything we experience in life is perpetual and linked in a continuous cycle and rhythm.  

The circle mimics the everlasting and continuous efforts leading you to this point in your life.  

Just like the calm and continuous waves, it represents your desire to live, to experience, to feel, to make memories and to continue doing so in the future.  

JKC by justkassi cicle jkc by just kassi - circle JKC by justkassi cicle

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– The Triangle – 

Triangle, the symbol of  Stability


Stable, sturdy, reaching to the sky.


The triangle standing on its grounded base with its pointy and sharp top is here to remind us that if we keep ourselves grounded to earth we can make our dreams be our highest goals.


I created this piece of clothing to remind you that whatever you aim for in life you can achieve it if you ground yourself and aim high just like the triangle shows you how to.

This symbol is created to remind you how important stability is in your life. 

You might be seeking stability or maybe your life is already defined by it.

JKC by JustKassi triangle JKC by JustKassi triangle JKC by JustKassi triangle JKC by JustKassi triangle

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– The Arrowed Thunder-

 The arrowed thunder symbolising success


The arrowed thunder is strong, imaginative, aiming at our highest point


To succeed you need power, energy, force and a path to follow.

The power of the thunder leading to an arrow symbolises the energy success needs and the path that has to be drawn to achieve it.


I created this piece of clothing to remind you that success is not easy but it can be reached.

It needs strong energy and light like the thunder to breakthrough and a path to follow like the one led by the arrow.

This symbol is created to remind you that however you define success you can reach it with the right amount of energy and by following the right path. 

The arrowed thunder jkc by justkassi

thunder JKC by just kassi - arrowed thunder

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All T-Shirts are unique, as they designed by Kassi.

Every T-Shirt is handmade and hand printed in Greece.

*The fabrics used have been tested by OEKO TEX for harmful substances 

Photos by Katya Koliban